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Welcome to Creative Adventure Nepal, authorised trekking agent and tour operator in Nepal, operate tours, trekking, peak climbing and expedition in Nepal and Tibet. We decades of experiences, we operate almost every adventenrous adventures in Himalayan Region. Mount Kailash Mansarovar become mostly shouted destination for us, as we operates hundreds of member every year. Mount Kailash Mansarovar Tour is design in two way i.e. one for Mount Kailash Yatra, a pilgrimage tour and another for foreign normally program. We operate Tibet Tours in similar basis, Kailash-Lhasa, Lhasa Tours, Everest Base Camp are some name. Please find complete list of Nepal Trekking and Tibet Tours, you also can go from menu.

How Fit?

Almost all of the treks in Nepal have some degree of 'climbing'. However, with some pre-trek preparation, participants should have no problems coping with the trek of their choice. Some trekkers experience problems with their knees after a period of downhill trekking. If you have a history of knee problems be sure to bring a support or strap with you just in case. Remember too that speed is not a part of trekking - taking your time to enjoy the view is important. It is stamina and confidence which are important factors to the enjoyment of your trek. We recommended that you base your trek choice on the following criteria -

Basic sightseeing and trekking:
Mainly low altitude walks with some short ascents and descents. No specific pre-trek preparation is required for these trips but you should aim to have a reasonable level of general fitness. Practice carrying your day pack and break in those boots.

Introductory Trekking:
You will be walking or involved in activity for up to six hours per day at altitudes not exceeding 2500 metres and with some steep ascents and descents. For two or three months prior to your trek you should take every opportunity to do some bushwalking, walking up and down stairs (instead of using the lift), cycling, swimming and just plain walking.

Moderate Trekking:
You will be walking five to eight hours per day at altitudes not exceeding 4,500 metres with steep ascents and descents. Preparation will be much the same as for the introductory trek but should include more steep ascents and descents if possible. Using the stairs instead of the lift is a good way to prepare for these treks as is cycling and swimming.

Challenging trekking:
These treks will involve some high altitude activity and the occasional pass-crossing with walks of up to 9 hours per day and altitudes not exceeding 6000 metres. Be aware of the physical and mental needs of this type of trek. You will need to be fit and the preparations for the moderate trek apply here too. Level of fitness is unrelated to altitude sickness and you cannot be sure that you will not suffer some mild symptoms. Slow and steady is the key to enjoyment.

Mountaineering and Trekking Peaks:
For those in search of a challenge. You must have had extensive outdoor experience and in selecting this type of expedition, know that you are fit and have maintained this fitness over a period of time. It is necessary to have basic technical experience and gaining experience with rope work (rock climbing gym) could be an advantage. These treks could involve altitudes up to 7000 metres, with the inclusion of some mountaineering activity. We can provide pre-trek training for the mountaineering component.Not for the beginner!!

The higher your level of fitness and the more positive your attitude, the greater your level of enjoyment !!!

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