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Welcome to Creative Adventure Nepal, authorised trekking agent and tour operator in Nepal, operate tours, trekking, peak climbing and expedition in Nepal and Tibet. We decades of experiences, we operate almost every adventenrous adventures in Himalayan Region. Mount Kailash Mansarovar become mostly shouted destination for us, as we operates hundreds of member every year. Mount Kailash Mansarovar Tour is design in two way i.e. one for Mount Kailash Yatra, a pilgrimage tour and another for foreign normally program. We operate Tibet Tours in similar basis, Kailash-Lhasa, Lhasa Tours, Everest Base Camp are some name. Please find complete list of Nepal Trekking and Tibet Tours, you also can go from menu.

Trekking Information (What is Trekking?)

Trekking is another word for walking. However, the word trekking has become more well known for the kind of walking which takes you along trails winding up, down, over and around mountains.

Trekking is not mountaineering although some of the popular trails are used by mountaineering expeditions to get to their base camps. Most of the trails you will walk on are still used predominantly by Nepali people for everyday travel and trade. It is not uncommon to be passed along the way by a Nepali porter carrying lengths of corrugated roofing iron slung from a jute strap (namlo) around the head or a sick relative being carried in a basket (doko) in the same manner to the nearest medical facility.

Trekking is a way of seeing a country and its people 'warts and all'. You will walk through the streets of cities and villages and past the open front doors of houses, you will see the people at their daily tasks, the clouds forming below you and the magnificent peaks of mountains towering over you. By trekking you will be involved in a way you could never be in a car, bus, train or aeroplane; you can enjoy the friendliness of the people, feel the magnetism of the mountains, be at one with the country and at peace with yourself. Could you ask or want for anything more?

A trekking trip can be any length you choose. There are a number of short treks around the Kathmandu and Pokhara valleys which only take a day to complete. There are two or three day treks or treks from a week to a month. For those with the time you can combine a number of treks and spend months just walking around. Samrat Treks & Expedition can help you to put together a trek to suit your needs at an affordable price leaving you free of any bureaucratic or logistic hassles.

Trekking Season:

Nepal's geographic position and physical characteristics give it a unique climate. While essentially Nepal has four seasons it also has a Monsoon Season. The best time to trek in Nepal is from October to May (the dry season) and the worse time is from June to September (the monsoon). However, each season has distinct attractions to offer the visitor.

Sharad ritu  (September - November) Usually excellent weather and breathtaking mountain views.

Jado mahina (December - February) Usually quite warm days with cold/very cold to freezing nights. Occasional snowfall only at
higher elevations. Good trekking conditions but can be very hazey with some cloud cover.

Basanta ritu        March - May             A time when the wildflowers are in display, particularly the rhododendrons for which Nepal is famous. The weather is good but it can be quite hazy.

Garmi mausam   (June - August)    The monsoon season and trekking is wet and warm. The trails can be very slippery and the rivers raging. Good time for the keen botanist but not for the general trekker - leeches abound!.

Trekking Grades:

It becomes necessary to know which trek matches most with your physical capabilities in order to enjoy your trekking in Nepal. Thus, we have categorized all our treks in the following ranks.

Grade (Easy) ^
Easy trekking by Himalayan Standard is generally up to 2000m. There are plenty of ups and downs on well-maintained trails. This type of trip is best suited for those who leaves a reasonably active life. The trek takes about 3 to 7 days, walking about 4 to 5 hours a day.

Grade (Moderate) ^^
It involves longer treks (Five to ten days) on maintained trails. This type of trek includes perhaps day excursions to higher elevations. It is desirable to have some previous hill- walking experience. On these trek, generally we attain the altitude between 900m to 3000m. This trek is also moderate trek.

Grade (Moderate to Strenuous) ^^^
It is a reasonably demanding trek at an altitude up to 4000m with side trips to higher elevations. This is classified as ill - defined trails, away from habitation.

Grade (Strenuous) ^^^^
These treks must be fully supported. The altitude attained between 3500 to 5000m. & this trek also involves several night stays above 4000m. For this trek, trekkers should be fit & enthusiastic hill walkers prepared to tackle difficult terrain in remote areas.

Grade (Very Strenuous) ^^^^^
This trek is best described as very strenuous trek. This trek is suitable for those in excellent health, capable of carrying a backpack as the treks sometime will be in very remote areas reaching crossing. During trek, you have to cross snow - covered passes in very remote areas or climb up to 6500m. There it is normally desirable to have some previous experience of handling axes & crampons. It is essential to accept medical certificates prior to start the trek.

Trekking Equipments:

    1. Sleeping bag
    2. Down Jackets
    3. T-Short and half paint for day walking
    4. Wind proof jacket and trouser
    5. Sweeter
    6. Warm Short
    7. Sun hat
    8. Sun cream
    9. Trekking shoes
    10. Sport shoes for morning and Evening use
    11. Sandal
    12. Sun Glass and snow glasses
    13. Glove
    14. Walking stick (If needed)
    15. Day pack
    16. Water bottle
    17. Some medicine
    18. Knife
    19. Umbrella or Rain coa
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